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The second NOI Neurodynamics and
the Neuromatrix conference -

Adelaide, Australia, April 2012


Pain and stress are massive problems – not only financially for us all but because of what they do to work, family life, creativity and productivity. This conference has the aim of moving pain and stress management into the realm of neuroscience-backed biopsychosocial practice, to close the knowledge gap which has opened up as the neuroscience revolution races away from standard clinical practice.

Following on from the success of our first international Neurodynamics and the Neuromatrix conference in the UK, we had to pleasure of hosting our second conference in our beautiful hometown of Adelaide, Australia - at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

NOI 2012 had all the juicy new neurosciences– plasticity, mirror neurones, pain and stress literacy, neuroscience-backed psychology, neuroimmunology, neurodynamics and movement/brain sciences from the world's best. Even the lunchtimes were packed with art, meditation, neuroscience updates, dance, and learning about social media applications for healthcare and research, not to mention the parties!


We thought of it as more a festival than a conference - the Woodstock of neuroscience!


Thank you to all that attended - speakers, delegates, helpers - we hope we acheived all we set out to!


A survey has been distributed on May 30, however, you are always welcome to contact us directly for a personal response.



Here are some snippets, you can read more at the noigroup.com comments page.


"My Brain is in overdrive about the implications of the conference. It reinforces the necessity of crosspollination of ideas between disciplines."
MP, Australia

“I came all this way because I needed a ‘boost’. So thank you for the impact you’ve had on me and the indirect impact you’ve had on my patients who’ve had at least a better chance to be guided towards deeper learning.”



"What an excellent conference. We have made major changes to our practice here already in relation to pain management and general patient education."
JH, Australia

"The speakers were engaging, encouraging the desire to read and research further into this field. Looking forward to a trip to somewhere in 2014."
RH, Australia

"Thank you to all of you for putting on such a stupendous, interesting, classy, warm, and well-run conference. You walk the talk. Thank you for your hard work and your creativity."
NS, Canada

"A big thank you from the Physiocise team to your NOI team for your brilliant and passionate organisation of the conference. I felt incredibly honoured to be part of it, and we as a group gained so much from the whole event.
On Saturday we gave our entire physio staff, all 14 of them, a 3 hour workshop based around all the fascinating info we gained from the conference. The NOI conference is the gift that keeps on giving.

It is so good to see people who are truly committed to the advancement of knowledge and the greater good but who do so in a way that focuses on treating the "whole" person in every sense of the word. There is so little opportunity in our narrow medical world which allows the drawing together of so many important parts of what it takes to heal... thank you for undertaking this hugely important task and for giving voice to aspects that would normally go unreported."
ALB, Australia